We tell compelling visual stories using 360° video and VR.
Using 360° video combined with graphics and spatial sound, we create visual experiences with immersive effect for the viewer.
Our project: Norwegian Arctic
Norwegian Arctic is a unique encyclopedia in Virtual Reality about the polar part of Scandinavia. We shot footage for the project on the territory from the Polar Circle to the northernmost point of Europe and even further, on Svalbard. The most dangerous currents, the northernmost airports, the most massive glaciers, the most visual explanations and the brightest illustrations.
Recent project

In February 2017 our team created a journalistic multimedia project about Roman Kislyak, an IDP from Makiivka that now lives in Lviv. Roman, who has had cerebral palsy since childhood, worked as taxi driver in Donetsk. With the beginning of the Russian aggression in Donbass, he became an activist and evacuated people under the shelling. After a while, he realized his life was in danger, so he moved to Lviv, where he began working as a taxi driver again.

The viewer has a chance to ride with Roman in his taxi, feel the slippery ice of the Lviv hills and hear Roman's story.

Multimedia story for Radio Free Liberty
Watch on a head-mounted display (Google Cardboard) and wear headphones for unleashing the full 360°/VR potential.
Our services
Concept development
Whether you have an idea of how to use VR in your project or you are not yet familiar with the possibilities of the medium, we will eagerly craft a project that will help you achieve your goals.
360° video
We film our 360° video using four different cameras that can handle a wide variety of tasks and record spatial audio for fully immersive experience of the best possible quality.
Stitching & Editing
Editing spherical content requires a whole new set of professional skills. We are happy to work with this difficult medium. We constantly improve our skills, and we are ready to provide services on every level of post-production - from stitching 360° imagery to color grading and spherical video editing.
Script writing
Script development is a completely different process when it comes to spherical video. We offer scripts that use 360° possibilities to their greatest extent and immerse the viewer into a story.
360° drone filming
Spherical video shot from a drone gives the viewer a possibility to look around from a bird's-eye view. We provide 360° drone filming services based on our own technological solutions.
Visual Effects & Design
In the hyper-realistic 360º content, design and effects play very important roles in explaining, emphasizing, guiding the narrative and even manipulating the viewer. We successfully cope with the hardest tasks using the newest software.
Why VR?
Virtual reality is the first medium allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in events. It creates a sense of presence, something visual arts have been trying to convey for centuries. Realizing it, The New York Times shipped more than a million Google Cardboard VR headsets to their subscribers in October 2015 and became the first media outlet which took this tool very seriously. Today journalistic stories in VR are published by CNN, Euronews, USA Today, Discovery and many others.

Big businesses use VR to solve problems and cope with various tasks. A Californian company Array Inc., a manufacturer of solar-energy equipment, chose VR to present their technologies at the Expo in Abu Dhabi. Instead of transporting huge tech samples and wasting time adjusting them, they were showing a commercial video in Samsung Gear VR's to interested partners and prospective clients. Spherical video is used in similar ways by industrial giants from Audi to Boeing.

There are countless opportunities for VR in the Education sector, starting from the Google Expeditions project, which raises the level of students' engagement with the school content to immeasurable heights, to training applications in VR. People can learn to operate a crane, drive a car or master helicopter piloting skills - these are among the simplest examples of the educational processes that are safer, cheaper and faster to organize in VR.

The entertainment industry was one of the first industries to realize the profitability of VR tech. Legendary video games, such as Resident Evil, are VR compatible, while numerous new projects, designed to use full immersion, are in the pipeline now. Cinematography and Hollywood are at the forefront of researching the potential of 360° storytelling for old and new franchises. Businesses in the travel industry have shown huge interest for immersive content that could let potential clients to visualize their trips.
Meet the team
Our team is formed by professional photojournalists, videographers, designers and managers that have created award-winning visual stories for clients ranging from The Washington Post to UNICEF.
Sergiy Polezhaka
Alexey Furman
Executive Producer
Kirill Zhylinskiy
Visual Effects Producer
Maria Savoskula
Nikita Yurenev
Sergey Korovayny
Nikita Bogdanov
Communications Manager
Julia Kochetova-Nabozhniak
Yevhen Maloletka
Stanislav Kozlyuk
Anna Kolyanchuk
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