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AFtermath VR
Aftermath VR is an immersive journalistic project about Euromaidan revolution in Kyiv, Ukraine. On a grey morning of February 20, 2014, government police forces opened live ammunition fire against protesters armed with bats and wooden shields.
Fifty people died, and several days after, President Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia.

We reconstruct half a kilometer of the street where the bloodshed happened, as it is today, using photogrammetry and CGI. The viewers of the experience would have a possibility to repeat the path of the protesters that were reclaiming the street from the police forces.

The story would be a chronicle of that tragic morning with a strong emphasis on archival footage, and memories of the people who were there, that would be captured as 360° video interviews shot in places people were that morning.
Our services
Concept development
Whether you have an idea of how to use VR in your project or you are not yet familiar with the possibilities of the medium, we will eagerly craft a project that will help you achieve your goals.
360° video
We film our 360° video using four different cameras that can handle a wide variety of tasks and record spatial audio for fully immersive experience of the best possible quality.
Stitching & Editing
Editing spherical content requires a whole new set of professional skills. We are happy to work with this difficult medium. We constantly improve our skills, and we are ready to provide services on every level of post-production - from stitching 360° imagery to color grading and spherical video editing.
Script writing
Script development is a completely different process when it comes to spherical video. We offer scripts that use 360° possibilities to their greatest extent and immerse the viewer into a story.
360° drone filming
Spherical video shot from a drone gives the viewer a possibility to look around from a bird's-eye view. We provide 360° drone filming services based on our own technological solutions.
Visual Effects & Design
In the hyper-realistic 360º content, design and effects play very important roles in explaining, emphasizing, guiding the narrative and even manipulating the viewer. We successfully cope with the hardest tasks using the newest software.
Our partners
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